– Two stroke engine

– Suitable for hang glider and ULM

– Liquid cooled

– Bore : 82mm

– Stroke: 76mm

– Displacement : 802 cc

– Compression Ratio : 9.5/1

– Ready to fly : 52 kg

– Consumption at 5400rpm : 10 l/h

– Static thrust : 220 kg

– Power at 6200rpm : 110 hp

– REDUCTION RATIO AVAILABLE: 1:254 – 1:276 – 1:306 – 1:347 – 1:4




Base price is 7,250 EUR and includes the following accesories:

– Victor 2/64 Exhaust System

– Bing 54/38mm carburetor for VICTOR 2 SUPER

– Victor 2/38 air filter cotton

– A28 light flange for prop, in Ergal, with 8.8 steel screws, wheelbase 100mm

– A17 Mikuni double exit fuel pump (35 l/h)

– Victor 2/66 Original Ducati rectifier

– Victor 2/65 thermostatic valve

– Electric starter





– U04Secondary gear extractor for “C” type reducer

– U05 flywheel extractor

– A19 electric fuel pump. Very light and safe. Operates at 12 V. Fitted on all light aircraft

– A57 aluminium radiator weight 1.7 kg, dimensions 51.5×22.5×4 for Victor 2 engine series

– A59 aluminium tray for radiator for liquid-cooled engines with pressure cap of 1 bar. With two water connections: one side entry and one underneath entry

– A59a aluminium tray for radiator for liquid-cooled engines with pressure cap of 1 bar. With two side entry water connections

– A05 double cotton filter for Victor 2 and Victor 2 plus engine with Bing 54 carburetors

– A08 double aluminum manifold with pressure compensator. Significantly improves carburation making the engine linear and progressive, eliminating the fuel dripping from the filters at low rev., and increasing the efficiency of the engine, reducing consumption

– A50 engine mount with 4 silent blocks

– A65 EGT gauges and instruments. Top range professional tool, for a good and a correct carburation setup

– A68 2 in 1 muffler for Victor 2 engine series designed for delta planes and minimal ultra lights that do not require high power, with a saving of 4 kg take-off weight and half the footprint



  • Listed prices do not include V.A.T., if you are an E.U. V.A.T. registered company, the listed price will be the invoiced price, otherwise please add 19% to the listed prices.
  • Prices are Ex-Works and do not include crating, handling and transport.